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MP Ball Etiquette

Never been to a Military Ball before? Have no fear, the purpose of these events is to promote comradery, esprit de corps, and most importantly to have fun! Below are some etiquette tips from to help you have a fun, stress-free night. Another great place to get information on ball etiquette is your company FRG, or the Fort Leavenworth Spouses Club. Don't let this intimidate you though; the most important thing is to be polite, classy, and enjoy the event!

If you've never attended a military ball, you're probably worrying over what to wear, how to act, what traditions to follow and what to expect. But even if you've lost count of how many balls you've attended, a quick military ball etiquette refresher is always a good thing. What is expected of military spouses or dates at the ball? Have you been doing it wrong all along?


First of all, it's important to note: There are no actual rules for military spouses and dates at military balls. The protocol rules are for the service member. Everything for the spouse is a matter of best practice, common sense or, in most cases, simply tradition. Why so many traditions? Regardless of whether you are attending a Marine Corps or other service's birthday ball, a ball celebrating homecoming or a ball held for any other reason, the rules and guidelines are always meant to honor the military service. Traditions, including the ones followed at a military ball, remind us where we came from and of those who went before us. 

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